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A geologist in Zimbabwe had even two years, a private mining company. He is in various activities around the world and has been active in mining about 100 to 150 geological finds. Fritz Prokop me a lead ore from Austria, which he gave to the Mining Academy in Freiberg. (Picture: Eckardt Mildner) Fritz Prokop me a lead ore from Austria, which he gave to the Mining Academy in Freiberg. (Picture: Eckardt Mildner) Brühl – “I am delighted that now students can enjoy in these two rocks,” says Dr. Fritz Prokop. The 81-year-old geologist who lives since 1962 in Brühl, arrived a few days at the Technical University of Freiberg in Saxony, to be left to the scientists there two “very nice pieces” of his collection as a gift. This is wolframite from the South African and Zimbabwe a lead ore from Austria. 45 years was the Austrian-born as a geologist in mining operations on different continents. In that time, his own collection of various ores grew to 100 to 150 songs. Since not share his three sons a passion for stones, he has now separated by two, he told the Cologne Stadt-Anzeiger “. “During my last visit I noticed that the two pieces fit perfectly in my possession to Freiberg.” Prokop 1991, visited the TU Bergakademie first time. As Chief Geologist Dr. Otto Gold Ltd., a global mining consulting firm, Prokop worked closely with the geoscientists of the Saxon university. Even after his retirement, interrupted the contact after Freiberg not. “With my gift I would like especially to young students who use the collection in their training, a joy to make, “he justified his decision. According to the company is at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg is one of the world’s oldest alpine research universities. In mining science means the science of mining and the teaching of techniques, which deals with the discovery of resources in the earth’s crust, the favorable operation of mines and the smelting of ores. The Freiberg Germany already existing collection of minerals possess more than most of the evidence of deposits of solid mineral raw materials from around the world and serve the research and training, says Christian Möller, spokesman for the university. “There’s tungsten ore from Zimbabwe in Freiberg not yet,” said Professor Gerhard Heide, Director of the Geosciences collection of the gift. So far were from the country in southern Africa documented including gold, asbestos and natural stones. Tungsten ore was so far not to possess, because it is very rare in Zimbabwe. Prokop it once found in his own mining operation. When he was in the 50s for an American mining company in South Africa was active, he had let 1955-1957 two years of absence, this time in order to found its own mining operation. It is in this mountain, he found that about 20 centimeters long and eight-pound piece of tungsten ore. The lead-ore from Austria came from a mountain in Carinthia, the local mining operation was shut down ten years ago, she said.

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